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Stop wasting time and money while increasing client satisfaction by letting us do the work for you

Bloom Pro offers full-service printing, custom branded packaging and direct shipping for our photographer and artist members.


Bloom Pro is here to make your life easier. As photographers and artists ourselves, we understand the value of upselling services by including prints in our collections. We also know that giving prints as a gift to clients usually results in some kick-ass feedback and website-worthy testimonials. But for many photographers, printing and delivering photos in an on-brand package is usually seen as more effort than it's worth. The story for artists that sell prints of their work isn't much different. Both typically involve designing, sourcing, bulk ordering and paying shipping on boxes, prints, ribbons and twine, shipping envelopes, and thank you cards; Photographers and artists are then putting it all together and then paying for shipping (again!) to send it out to clients and buyers- It's no wonder that nowadays more and more creators are just emailing their clients links to complete high-res galleries and walking away.


​We help you take your business to the next level by creating luxurious customised packages to perfectly match your brand. We use hand-dyed silk, linen and natural wool ribbon and twine, wax seals, beautifully curated fabrics, wood and leather and implement special touches of your personal brand throughout all elements. Your clients will have gorgeous prints in branded packaging drop-shipped directly to their front door with you doing little more than a few clicks.


Stop wasting time and money while increasing client satisfaction by letting us do the work for you. The cost of membership is FREE. Absolutely, 100% free. Tell us about yourself in our online questionnaire and we will create a profile for you, which we will apply to all drop-shipped orders so your clients will receive a wonderful package of prints as though it came directly from you.

All packaging elements are made in Canada. We have partnered with some of the best craftsmen to bring you thoughtfully produced, handmade heirloom items that - like our prints - will stand the test of time.

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